About us
We at M. Russo Group have been serving clients around the world for 250 years. Our special tradition of trading has been passed down from father to son through the generations. We work on a clear set of principles: quality, price and service.
M. Russo was initially established as a small family operation for supplying food and textiles products and, through the years, has expanded to operate in four main divisions:
Food & Agro
M. Russo has grown into a market leader in its areas of expertise with a diverse network of clients worldwide, especially in supplying for products sold under private labels.
We specialize in understanding our client’s specific requirements and then sourcing products from trusted local producers in markets around the world to meet those needs. The Group engages in regular activities in the United States, Switzerland, India, Israel, Belgium, Germany, Spain, French, Brazil, Turkey, and Italy.
In addition, the Group has signed exclusivity agreements with hundreds of producers, exporters, farmers, and processing factories throughout the world, and this is the reason why we are always able to offer the lowest relative prices for the highest quality products.
We hope to serve you soon and to locate for you the highest quality products for the best price in whichever market you should have a need.
Food & Agro, Energy, Metals, Textile
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